Can you handle orders starting from the design stage?
We are able to provide a total service from product design to development and assembly.
Working for various different products from the design stages to development has enabled us to develop products with an emphasis on cost performance. Appropriate production facilities are prepared for handling everything from diversified, small-lot production to mass production.
We also develop, design, and manufacture components as well as finished products, so please contact us if you are having problems in product development.
What types of processing/machining can you perform?
Techno Arrows performs lathe machining of metal bar materials using numerically controlled (NC) lathes.
We machine bars ranging in diameter from 1 mm to 50 mm and cut materials up to 65 mm in diameter. We can also perform milling, eccentric and side hole drilling, and other complex machining at the same time, thus improving positional and coaxial accuracy as well as reducing costs (please note, however, polishing and other finish work comprise separate processes.)
What kind of materials do you process?
brass (C3604, C3602), aluminum (A5056, A606, A2017, etc.), stainless steel (SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS416F, SUS420F, SUS420J2, other materials from those manufacturers), carbon steel (S20C、S35C, S45C), molybdenum steel (SCM415, SCM435), and other metal materials.
In addition, we handle with a large number of products using POM, PTEF, and other plastics and environment-friendly (cadmium-free, lead-free) materials.